Departure and Arrival time may change due to damage or weather conditions.
Located 43 km northeast of Santa Maria Island and southeast of São Miguel Island, they have special biological interest and a natural reserve with 35.42 km². The size of the emerged islets is about 9,000 m². The islets are part of the eastern group of the Azores archipelago.

The lighthouse located in the southern part of the Formigas, is one of the ex-libris of Azorean lighthouses, marking the characteristic profiles in the oceanic landscape of the Formigas. It can be sighted around 22 km (12 nmi) of distance
Photo RS Santos - ImagDOP
The island of Santa Maria is located in the southeastern part of the Azores and is the southernmost island in the Azores Islands. It was the first island in the Azores Archipelago to be discovered.
The area of the island is 97.18 km². Santa Maria is the only island in the Azores with great proportions of land that originated from sedimentaries. This is where the marine fossils are found.
Their houses are spread all across the island, with their unique large chimneys. The land is very fertile and the rural landscape has great beauty. They produce arts, crafts and pottery. Fish processing also takes place on the island.

This region has special oceanic climate, with much sun, coming close to the mediterrânico climate. The average temperature oscillate between the 16 ºC and the 24 ºC.
Santa Maria Island
Photo Jose Pedro
Photo Paulo Renato
One Day Sailing

9:00 -  Departure from Marina of Vila Franca do Campo.
           8 hours sailing through the south coast of the
           São Miguel island, stopping in one of the many
           magic bays. The water temperature will invite
           you to a refreshing swim.

17:00 - Arrive at Marina of Vila Franca do Campo.

Half Day Sailing
First Sailing Experience

9:00 ou 14:00 -  Departure from Marina of Vila Franca
                        do Campo.

                        4 hours sailing in the south coast of
                        São Miguel island.

13:00 ou 18:00- Arrive at Marina of Vila Franca do

Formigas Islets

9:00 -   Departure from Marina of Vila Franca do Campo.

           Natural Reserve of the "Formigas Islets" where
           all the sea nature is intact. Is located  about
           40 nautical miles of São Miguel Island.

23.00 - Arrive at Marina of Vila Franca do Campo.

Weekend at Santa Maria

20:00 -  Friday - Departure from Marina of Vila
                               Franca do Campo.

            Saturday - Free day to visit the island of
                           Santa Maria.

             Sunday - Return to São Miguel.

18:00 -  Arrive at Marina of Vila Franca do Campo.

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Foto Paulo Renato
Foto Paulo Renato
7 Days / 6 Nights

S.Miguel /Terceira ou Santa Maria/S.Miguel

1º day – Check-in at 12:00h

2º day – Depart from São Miguel (hour to be establish)

3º day – Arrival St. Maria or Terceira (free day) 

4º day – Sailing tour on the cost of Sta Maria or Terceira

5º day – Depart to São Miguel  (hour to be establish)

6º day – Arrival to São Miguel (free day) 

7º day – Check-out at 12:00h

Sailing Regattas

Renting the sailing boat, with crew, to participate on Regattas according to the Calendary of Azores Nautic Clubs.

Regatta das Sanjoaninas (Angra do Heroísmo)

Regatta Açoreano Oriental (Ponta Delgada – Vila do Porto – Ponta Delgada)

Atlântis Cup (Ponta Delgada – Angra do Heroísmo – Horta)

Campeonato Regional de Vela de Cruzeiro (Six Regattas Inshore  e two Offshore)